Contixo Kid's 7" Learning Tablet V8-2 Quad Core CPU/16GB/1GB/And 8.1/Bluetooth/WiFi/Camera w/ Parental Control


  • $199.00

Browse websites and use apps such as YouTube Kids, Skype, ABC mouse, and Facebook, just like you would on any smart device. Insert the MicroSD card, and you'll be able to enjoy even more games, movies, videos, and books with up to 128GB of added memory space. Inside, the V8-2 includes parental control options that can be used to set time limits, expand content and add or block specific websites.


Kids can now enjoy over 1000 books, movies and appsĀ 

Effortless on-the-go learning

Parental ControlĀ and age appropriate web browsing

Kid-safe pre-loaded exclusive content

Make learning an engaging and fun adventure

Specially designed case gives protection