Forza AVR FVR-1211B Black 8 Outlets

Forza AVR FVR-1211B Black 8 Outlets


  • $55.00

Automatic voltage regulator
1200VA/600W 8 NEMW Outlets 110V

Forza’s AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator is a convenient and reliable solution that provides the right protection for your equipment against potentially damaging power surges.

In addition to its excellent surge suppression capability, the FVR automatically corrects voltage transients and drop fluctuations. The FVR Voltage Regulator is the perfect choice to safeguard your investment.

Voltage Regulation
Automatic voltage regulation, designed to adjust the output voltage by closely monitoring the input voltage

Voltage Indicator light
Low or high voltage indicator light

AVR Protection
AVR and overvoltage protection in all outlets

RJ-11 line protection
RJ-11 line protection

Best Voltage Regulator
Recognized by Channel Awards 2009 as the best voltage regulator of its class (FVR-1200 series)

LED status Indicators
User-friendly LED status indicators

Overcharge Indicator
Overcharge indicator light

Built-in Timer
Built-in 2/10/30-second timer

Fire Retardant Plastic
Fire retardant plastic construction