Klip Xtreme JetWave 2.1 Channel Integrated Sound System w/ LED lights & Bluetooth

Klip Xtreme JetWave 2.1 Channel Integrated Sound System w/ LED lights & Bluetooth

Klip Xtreme

  • $325.00

Stylish acoustics from every angle

The impressively looking KWS-710 Speaker system from KlipXtreme redefines the way you experience digital music. This one-piece sound system is capable of blasting up to 1600 watts of power through two full-range speakers and a powerful subwoofer. Its magnetically shielded drivers and built-in amplifier deliver deep bass vibes and the full audio spectrum, either wired or wirelessly and best of all, without the extra space.


Equipped with the latest Bluetooth wireless technology, the speaker streams music seamlessly from compatible devices up to 33 feet from the source. Versatile and unique, this system will certainly enhance any ambience not only with formidable sound, but also with a multicolored display of lights!


  • 2.1 channel integrated sound system that boasts a sophisticated design and multi-colored LED lights
  • 1600W of super-high power output
  • High-gloss front panel with back-lit controls
  • Powerful 6.5-inch woofer plus two 3-inch driver units
  • Versatile connection options provided by auxiliary, USB and SD inputs
  • Flexible cabinet design, it allows for vertical and horizontal orientation




Type: 2.1 channel integrated speaker system

Peak Music Power Output: 1600W

Reference RMS: 160W

DC input: 20V




Driver units: Subwoofer: 6.5in Speakers: 3in per channel

Frequency:  Subwoofer: 20Hz-170Hz Speakers: 120Hz-20kHz

Impedance: Speakers: 6Ω Subwoofer: 4Ω

Sensitivity: 870mV

Signal to noise ratio:  ≥60dB




Connection type: AUX, USB, SD, Bluetooth and tuner

Audio input port: Auxiliary, 3.5mm connector

Memory card slot:USB and SD

Wireless RF frequency: 2.4GHz

Wireless range: 33ft



Additional information

LED illumination: Cycling six-color preset pattern

Dimensions: (W)21.6x (H)8.4x(D)12.1in

Weight: 13.2lb

Cable length: 5.2ft