Logitech Keys-To-Go Ultra-light, Ultra-Portable Standalone Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard


  • $120.00


Ultra-light, Ultra-Portable Bluetooth® Keyboard for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV



Type anywhere you want, anytime you want, on iPhone®, iPad®, and Apple TV®. The super-slim, super-light Keys-To-Go is small enough to fit anywhere and break out at a moments notice for a quick work email, taking notes in class, and more. Get ready to break free of on-screen keyboards and take the limits off what you can do.

Power and Connectivity

  • Powered by rechargeable battery
  • Single charge lasts 3 months (2 hours of typing per day)


  • Keyboard with sealed edges
  • 0.67 in (17 mm) key pitch
  • Scissor Keys (0.05 in key travel)
  • Keys wrapped in spill-proof, crumb-proof covering
  • Full row of iOS shortcut keys

Keys-To-Go with iOS Shortcut Keys (Left to Right)

  • Home
  • Brightness up
  • Brightness down
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • Search
  • Previous track / Rewind
  • Play/pause
  • Next track / Fast forward
  • Volume mute
  • Volume down
  • Volume up
  • Lock
  • Bluetooth connect
  • Keyboard battery check