Samsonite SA5451 Orthopedic Cushion - 100% Pure Memory Foam - Fit Most Seats

Samsonite SA5451 Orthopedic Cushion - 100% Pure Memory Foam - Fit Most Seats


  • $95.00

ERGONOMIC FOR COMFORT - This ultra-soft seat cushion is designed with contours that line up with the body’s natural curvatures. This design allows the cushion to offer support at the precise points along your body where it’s most needed, meaning that this cushion won’t stop keeping you comfy after hours of extended use. You’ll never have to worry again about feeling cramped in the backseat until you get out and stretch -- this cushion has your back.

HIGH-GRADE MEMORY FOAM - This seat cushion from Samsonite is stuffed with the best memory foam on the market. This foam reacts immediately to the precise shapes and curvatures of your body to offer lower back and upper leg support customized just for you. It remembers the shape of your body, so you can rely on it to adjust right back to the perfect form for you the moment you start using it.

NON-SLIP RUBBER BACKING - One of the most annoying parts about the average car seat cushion is that it just doesn’t stay in place no matter how much you adjust it. Potholes, bumps, or something as simple as your body weight shifting shakes the car can ruin the perfect setup you had. Not an issue with this seat cushion -- its non-slip rubber backing keeps it right in position no matter where you place it, no matter for how long.

UNIVERSAL FIT - Some car seats are bigger than others. The front seat of a pickup truck certainly has more area than the back seat of a sedan. This car seat cushion doesn’t just fit both these seats -- it fits all car seats. Take it with you from a minivan to a tiny smart car, or try it out on a long bus ride between cities. There’s no seat you can’t make comfortable!

PLUSH REMOVABLE COVER - This seat cushion is so comfortable and versatile that you might just find yourself using it all the time -- and that means dust and dirt buildup. Thanks to the cushion’s removable cover, you can clean the cushion without exposing the high-grade memory foam to potentially degrading water and detergents. Just toss it in with your next wash and put it right back on the cushion! Plus, the plush in the cover adds even more comfort.