Enlightenment Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Diffuser - 100 ml


  • $59.00

Experience the wonders of aromatherapy using Aromar's Enlightenment Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser! Just pour in a bit of water and a couple drops of your favorite Aromar oil and enjoy the limitless aromatic possibilities that you have uncovered for your space! With 7 different LED light combinations that can be bright or dim, owners of this oil diffuser have limitless ways to use this product in their interior design. You never have to worry about wasting any electricity as this item has an automatic shutoff mechanism as well. You definitely won't regret adding this product to your home decor and aromatic atmosphere. Enlightenment Wood Diffusers are large enough to refresh a studio apartment or large area of the home. They work great for yoga studios and during meditation sessions as well.