MYO HDMI 50Ft High Speed Cable

MYO HDMI 50Ft High Speed Cable


  • $115.00

Ultimate High Speed Digital Video and Audio Cable for the Sharpest Picture, Deepest Color, and Highest Resolution Sound, ready to handle with 3D Display.

Myo Technologies and Construction for the Highest Level of High Definition connecting between 1080p HDTVs, Projectors, Digital TV Receivers, HD DVD, Blu-ray and Games Consoles.

The exclusive Myo sharp mould connector increase retention force for a more reliable connection.

Durable Gold-Plated internal shield with corrosion resistant in gold contacts.

Protective and durable net covering the cable to guarantee the performance.



  • Full HD 1080p
  • Bit Color support:  24 Bit RGB, 36 Bit YUV
  • Smooth Motion Video Speed:  120Hz Refresh Rate
  • 7.1 channel Digital Audio