Essential Room Mist w/ Natural Freshener Aromatherapy for a Fresh Rejuvenated Home 8 oz


  • $18.00

REFRESH YOUR SPACE: AROMAR room mist brings immediate freshness to your home and beyond. A Versatile mist that can be used on garments, linens, furniture, and even in your car. ENJOY the crisp and clean scent of freshly Aromar Room Mist scents.

ELEVATE YOUR SELF-CARE routine with our room mist and relax your mind and body with our spray for an aromatherapeutic experience. Not Just a fabric freshener, but also perfect for yoga mats, toilets, showers, and even bodies.

WAKE UP your senses and revitalize your space with our Fresh Linen Mist, perfect for a quick burst of freshness anytime. UNWIND after a long day with our Eternal Life mist, featuring the refreshing and calming scent of eucalyptus.